Algarve-Andaluzia, Lda, is a family business located in the south of Portugal, with a long tradition in the commercial fishing sector.

It specializes in the processing, marketing and distribution of fishery products, fresh and frozen, fished by the fishing fleet of the Southern Coast of PORTUGAL and SPAIN (FAO Area 27 and 34) through artisanal fishery with pots and traps.

We have modern facilities, which are equipped and specialized for the processing of cephalopods and the octopus (Octopus vulgaris), our star product.

The strict selection of raw materials, strict quality controls associated with the professionalism of the team, allows us to guarantee the quality of our products and the trust of our customers.

Telf: (+351) 289 71 59 57 • (+351) 289 71 59 58 • Fax: (+351) 289 71 59 59